Our Class Reward!!

We filled up our sparkler jar again!! We came up with lots of ideas for what we wanted to do for our whole class reward, then we voted. Star Wars and Target the Teacher won. Normally we play Star Wars on the field, but today we decided we would play it in the pool. There are two teams and each team starts at one end of the pool. When Miss Gentil blew the whistle both teams were allowed to run or swim to the middle of the pool and grab the sponges. Once you get hit by a sponge you have to put both your hands up. There is also one jedi in each team. The jedi has the noodle and can save people when they have been hit by the sponges. The aim of the game is to hit the other team's jedi when the jedi isn't touching their cone. When they are touching the cone or are underwater they are safe.

After our game of Star Wars we played Target the Teacher. Everyone got a sponge and lined up on one side of the pool. Miss Gentil stood on the other side of the pool and we all threw sponges at her!! We had an awesome afternoon.

By Room 2

Our Healthy Breakfast From Classic Hits and New World!!

Yesterday we were given the opportunity to make a poster for Classic Hits. The poster had to include pictures of our favourite healthy breakfasts, the New World and Classic Hits logos, a picture of what we thought Mike and Charmaine looked like and the name of our school. We each drew a picture of our favourite, healthy breakfast. Then we dyed it bright colours and Miss Gentil helped us to put the black vivid around the edges. Next we glued them onto coloured paper. Our poster was the winning poster! It will be displayed in New World for a whole week.

This morning Classic Hits and a lady that works at New World visited our school. They gave each of us a bag with breakfast it in. In the bag was a bottle of water, cereal, a piece of fruit, a yoghurt and a fruit bar. It was a very big breakfast! We ate our breakfast on the field, in the sunshine. After we had breakfast Mike did some magic tricks, we had a sprint race and played tackle bullrush. Before they left we had a photo infront of the Classic Hits car. Then Stella stood up and said thank for you for coming to Morningside School. We also got a photo beside our poster. It was lots of fun!

Saving Pinchy

This morning I found a bird by our house. I stopped and Tikaro said, "what is it?" I told her that it was a bird. Then I tried to grab it, but it ran instead of flying. That's when I thought its wing was broken. I picked it up and gave it to my sister to hold. Then Tikaro gave it to Tupuārangi. Then we put the bird in my hat. It jumped out of the hat and ran away. It almost fell into the creek. I picked it up and carried it to school. When we got to school we put it in the garden out by the office. Then I showed Miss Gentil that I caught a bird. She put it inside a box and gave it to Mrs Farmer. Mrs Farmer is going to take it to the Bird Recovery Centre so they fix his wing. The funniest bit was when he tried to jump out of my hand and I caught him by his legs, to try to stop him from falling into the creek. I named him Pinchy because he kept biting us on our fingers. We hope Pinchy gets better soon.
By Tūmai and Tupuārangi 

Kidsedchatnz's First Birthday Party

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Kidsedchatnz's first birthday. Kidsedchatnz is a chat on Twitter that kids from all over New Zealand can participate in. It happens each Wednesday afternoon from 2.00pm - 3.00pm. Each week there is a new topic and questions for us to talk about.

Yesterday was all about birthdays. Our favourite question was why do you think it is important to celebrate birthdays? We think it's important because everyone can have a special day and see all their family. We celebrated Kidsedchatnz's first birthday by tweeting on Twitter, blowing up balloons and having cake.

We like joining in with Kidsedchatnz because it's fun and we get to talk to new people, from schools all over New Zealand. You can also post photos and videos on Twitter. We have learnt to write sensible things that are to do with the questions and not just random things. If you do that, then people will comment back. We have learnt new things that we would like to do in our classroom. We have also taught other classes about our Adventure Learning. We are going to make a movie or puppet show to teach the rest of our syndicate how to use Kidsedchatnz properly. We are going to share this at our next assembly. We think everyone should join Kidsedchatnz!!

By Room 2 Twitter Club

Rainbow Jelly

This morning we made the final layer of our rainbow jelly. It was the red, raspberry layer! After lunch Miss Gentil helped us to spoon the jelly into cups. We each got a cup of jelly and a spoon. Once we got our cup, we sat underneath the trees to eat our yummy rainbow jelly. We have had lots of fun learning about measuring volume!!

By Room 2




World Famous in NZ, Just Like L&P!!

Last term we helped to contribute to an article that Pascal wrote about #Kidsedchatnz. This week the Education Review magazine arrived at school and the article was printed in it. We were very excited!! Next week it is #Kidsedchatnz's first birthday. #Kidsedchat is a Twitter chat that was created by a teacher named Pascal. Every Wednesday there is a topic and focus questions. We tweet with other classes from all over NZ about the topic. 

To read the article from the Education Review magazine you can click this link. The part that we helped write is right at the bottom of the page.

If your class is interested in joining #Kidsedchat you can visit the blog to find out more

Learning Places and Spaces

Here are some examples of our watering hole and cave spaces. A watering hole is a group space and a cave is a space for one person. We learn in all kinds of places and spaces in Room 2!!