Our Class Reward!!

We filled up our sparkler jar again!! We came up with lots of ideas for what we wanted to do for our whole class reward, then we voted. Star Wars and Target the Teacher won. Normally we play Star Wars on the field, but today we decided we would play it in the pool. There are two teams and each team starts at one end of the pool. When Miss Gentil blew the whistle both teams were allowed to run or swim to the middle of the pool and grab the sponges. Once you get hit by a sponge you have to put both your hands up. There is also one jedi in each team. The jedi has the noodle and can save people when they have been hit by the sponges. The aim of the game is to hit the other team's jedi when the jedi isn't touching their cone. When they are touching the cone or are underwater they are safe.

After our game of Star Wars we played Target the Teacher. Everyone got a sponge and lined up on one side of the pool. Miss Gentil stood on the other side of the pool and we all threw sponges at her!! We had an awesome afternoon.

By Room 2


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