Making a Worm Farm

As part of 'tuning in' for our minibeasts inquiry unit we made our own worm farm today. Miss Gentil brought in lots of worms from her chicken coop and we went exploring for more in our school vegetable gardens. Next week we are hoping to make a larger worm farm that has holes drilled into the bottom of the container, with another container underneath to catch the worm wee. Worm wee is great for gardens and growing plants! Today we used an old fish bowl. Here is how we made our worm farm. 

1. Put stones into the bottom of the fish bowl for drainage.

2. Put a layer of sand on top.

3. Add a layer of soil, then another layer of sand.

4. Add the final layer of soil.

5. Put the worms on top of the moist soil.

6. Add grass clippings, leaves and some food for your worms. Worms like to eat food scraps so you could add some chopped up banana.

7. Cover the outside of the bowl with black paper or newspaper so that the container is dark for the worms.

8. Cover the top of the container with a piece of damp carpet, old towel or cardboard.

9. Remember to feed your worms and keep the soil moist. 


Anonymous said...

Wow what an awesome worm farm Room 2! Stacey

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