Easter Egg Hunt

This afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt. We had to find the QR codes hidden around the school and scan them with the ipods to get their next clue. Everyone was so excited. Group three were the first to find the boxes of Easter eggs hidden in the computer cupboard. We were all given a special basket to take our Easter egg home in. Mr Prchal even had a go at scanning the QR codes to find out what we were up to. We gave him a Easter egg too.


Anonymous said...

Yummy it looks like yous had heaps of fun
From Maxine lakeyshas mum

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Easter Hunt looks awesome. It would have been fun! We want to play that game! The eggs look so yummy. We would like to eat them.
From Room 13

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic way to hunt for things and get clues. Ms Higgins knows what a QR code is now!

Charlene Morunga said...

happy easter room 2 and i hope you had fun doing the easter hunt

Anonymous said...

Very spoilt room 2 having a Easter egg hunt at school :-) looks like you guys really had fun .
Your Easter basket creations were pretty cool too.
Happy Easter Room 2
From Cheryl Carlia's Mum

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