A letter from a very special person :)

This week I received a letter from a student that was in my class last year, but has now moved on to intermediate. It was such a nice surprise! Caitlin is the reason we do Adventure Learning so you can say a big thank you to her Room 2. She completely inspired me two years ago when she attended the Gifted Kids Programme. I am planning to continue this adventure and hopefully inspire other children, as well as other teachers. I am also going to visit Stonefields School in Auckland. Google them Caitlin and have a look at what they do for Breakthrough learning. It's very similar to what we did last year.

Caitlin, I loved hearing about what you have been doing and how your year is going for you so far. I'm so happy that you are able to continue participating in Future Problem Solving. Community problem solving also sounds interesting. We would love to learn more about what you have to do for community problem solving. It's great that you have started learning how to play the guitar. I wish I could play the guitar! Are you still going to GKP this year?

Room 2 have had a great week. We have been learning how to post on the blog, comment on other blogs and we also made nachos today for Adventure Learning (Our version of Passion Time). At the moment we are learning how to plan and reflect as a whole class. In a few weeks the children in Room 2 will move onto individual projects. We have also been learning how to use the ipads to enhance our learning experiences. Our shared book at the moment is the BFG. I'm thinking that we might read the first Harry Potter book next. I'm sure you will approve.

We would love to keep in touch with you and hear about your adventures. You can email us at simoneg@morningside.ac.nz,  follow our class blog or contact me via owl post.  

Room 2, for those of you who can't remember Caitlin here are some photos of her. I hope you like these Caitlin. The photos are from our class blog last year. The photo of you trying to eat that HUGE burger always makes me smile.

Take care

From Miss Gentil and Room 2



Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Gentil
Yes I am going to Gifted Kids this year. We are no longer allowed to call it GKP. At GK we moved to a bigger class, we started last week. I am doing architecture for talent/passion time and am going to study the london bridge.I am also going to create a model of a future city and will draw a diagram of past, present and future buildings.I will show you the final product.I hope you guys had fun making nachos. I will make sure that I check the blog.


Anonymous said...

Breakthrough learning sounds a lot like passion time and adventure learning.


Room 2, Morningside School said...

It sounds like you have already put a lot of thought and effort into your passion/ talent time project. I have lots of photos of the London bridge and buildings from my trip last year. I took some close up photos of different parts of the bridge too. I also visited a square where my great grandfather lived. It is very interesting comparing past buildings to present buildings. A lot of the square was also bombed during the war. I'm sure you will have lots of resources at GK, but I am happy to email you some photos if you need some. Good luck Caitlin. We look forward to you sharing your project with us :)

Room 2, Morningside School said...

Yes, it is. Something else interesting that we have found out is that Google allows all of their employees to spend 20% of their time at work on projects that they are passionate about. 50% of all Google's products by 2009 originated from 20% free time in their jobs, including gmail. That was 4 years ago too. I can only imagine what innovative ideas they will come up with in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dear:Miss Gentil and room 2
Thoose nachos you made look very delicous.Mmmm, I wish I could have some!!!: )Last week at metal work I started to make a model plane.We are doing swimming sports on Friday, I am hoping KOWHAI IS GOING TO WIN!Could you please email me thoose photos at Nadiawithers@gmail.com.Thank you: )

From: Caitlin

Anonymous said...

grate Haylee you will do nice keep it up

senseroliy Jacqueline

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