Swim for Life!!

This week we were very lucky to have a Swim for Life instructor teaching us for swimming. We learnt about floating, gliding, stroke development and water safety. On Wednesday we learnt how to put on a life jacket and keep safe in the water. We practised how to fall backwards off a boat safely and how to make a huddle, line and a train. We worked really well together as a team and had a lot of fun in the pool.



Anonymous said...

Water safety is very important... Well done room 2 looks like you had lots of fun with these activities :-)
Cheryl. Carlias mum

Madeline said...

Learning some very important skills there and it looks like these amazing kids are learning so well, fantastic to see.

Naomi Simmonds said...

That water looks SOOO nice. Looks like a lot of fun as well as good learning about being safe in the water.

Dave S. Hanna's Dad.

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