Training with the Blues

This afternoon Room 2 and the rest of the senior syndicate spent the afternoon at Toll Stadium training with the Blues. We even met some of the All Blacks and a pirate! The Blues each introduced themselves and told us what their favourite food is. Then we participated in a variety of rugby drills and activities. At the end of the training session we each received a bag with a poster, lollies and other treats. We thanked the Blues and then walked back to school. When we got back to school we had a free swim to cool off.


Ms Bee on behalf of the Neinsteins said...

That looks like such a brilliant day! However... I have to say... ;-) You would have learnt more if you had had a day with the Highlanders! (ha ha)... seriously, I think a few of the Neinsteins would be inspired to write a letter to the Otago Rugby Federation and ask if they would spend a day with us after reading this post! I will share this with them next week and suggest they send a letter!

alicia said...

looks like you had a great time alicia j

Madeline said...

Such a great opportunity for these fantastic kids, we just may see a few of them in that Blues jersey one day!

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